Thank you for stopping to look around! We at Hobby Craft Miniature Houses hand craft all our houses and crafts with love and care. We do not use automated machines that is why we don't have thousands of the same crafts or houses on hand. Most of our crafts and houses are made the same day as ordered.Some of the unique things we hand craft are (Hand Crafted Unique Crafts,miniature Houses,Doll Furniture,crafts,geese,lamps,planters,wooden wagon wheels,wildlife,and more!)

We sell both finished crafts to the customers specifications or unfinished so you can do what you want with them, we are even thinking about (kits) for the do it yourself.

We have unique houses and crafts with so many more ideas coming every day. You have a picture of a house or would like to have us build or make something for you just drop us an email and we will try to fulfill the order.

Don't be afraid to look around the site we are adding new crafts and houses every day for all seasons!!